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Online creative agency with a boutique, flexible, and collaborative approach, allowing us to offer personalized solutions that capture the essence of your brand, creating genuine connections on a global scale. With experience in multiple projects across 10 countries, we transform visions into identities that resonate and last.


Boutique Creative Agency with Global Reach ✺ Crafting Distinctive Branding & Web Experiences.

Branding, Visual Identity Redesign, Product Design

Zenda Studio redefines itself as an online creative agency with a boutique, flexible, and collaborative approach, allowing us to offer personalized solutions that capture the essence of your brand, creating genuine connections on a global scale. With experience in multiple projects across 10 countries, we transform visions into identities that resonate and last.


Branding, Visual Identity Redesign, Product Design

Top 50 Farmers globally promotes regenerative agriculture, attracts new farmers, and fosters collaboration through innovative tools. It spotlights regenerative farmers as role models, connecting them and providing an acceleration toolkit. Currently focused on Europe, it unlocks opportunities for healthy soils.

Top 50 Farmers

Visual Identity, Web Design, Logo Design

HEDDWAY is a company focuses on helping people and teams improve their mental well-being. They offer one-day courses, workshops, and keynote speaking to empower individuals with practical tools for emotional balance, resilience, and staying positive in the face of life's challenges.


Logo Design, Visual Identity, Copywriting

Stages Cycling is a leading brand in the cycling industry, dedicated to enhancing the cycling experience through innovative technology and design. Committed to quality and community, their goal is to empower cyclists with top-notch products for peak performance and enjoyment.

Stages Cycling

Web Design, Visual Identity Redesign

BIOFLEX® specializes in Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) Designed and Manufactured in Canada, providing a non-invasive solution for chronic and acute pain. Adopted globally by healthcare professionals, BIOFLEX is dedicated to leveraging light's healing power as a safe and effective alternative for pain relief.


Logo Redesign, Visual Identity, Branding

Fit4Life, Spain's leading fitness tech distributor, refreshes its 15-year-old brand identity, aiming to meet market trends and strengthen its industry lead.


Branding, Logo Design

CMM, a distinguished certification by MAYACERT S.A., stands as a powerful tribute to the impactful contributions of women in diverse social and production realms. This prestigious seal not only honors women's labor but also strives to empower them economically while championing gender equity across various sectors.


Branding, Logo Redesign

An independent design brand based in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, takes pride in its autonomy, allowing the freedom to create distinctive designs and establish its pricing, thereby infusing the brand with an unparalleled sense of authenticity and individuality.


Branding, Logo Design

Generational Transition, a groundbreaking project, strives to reverse the stagnation of agricultural production in Latin America. Its profound mission is to empower young producers, foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, and catalyze positive change in the agricultural sector.

Transición Generacional

Branding, Visual Identity

Neuro Diverso is a comprehensive visual identity specifically designed for an enthusiastic neuropsychologist who deeply explores the intricate workings of the human mind, embracing its diversity and complexity with fervor and professionalism.

Neuro Diverso

Branding, Logo Design

Surve Production serves as a vital link between music, photography, and technology, drawing on its B2B expertise to elevate organizational efficiency. Specializing in B2B digital media, Surve empowers sales teams by crafting impactful, on-brand content, allowing them to focus on core tasks and overcome challenges.

Surve Productions

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Motion Design

A brand specializing in Gym Design, Gym Flooring, and Gym Equipment with a national reach in the United Kingdom.


Product Design, 3D Design, Visual Identity

FUERZA is a groundbreaking NFT project merging cycling and art. Featuring data from elite cyclists, each NFT combines biometrics with visually striking artwork. Founded by cycling pioneer Hunter Allen, FUERZA provides a unique and inspiring connection to the world of professional cycling through captivating digital art.


Logo Design, Art, Visual Identity, Motion Design

MAYACERT, a key player in agricultural product certification for 25 years, ensures ethical compliance in America and Asia. Originating in Guatemala, the company maintains a close connection with its roots, deeply rooted in the Mayan culture.


Web Design, Branding, Logo Redesign

Founded by pharmaceutical experts, MYRÓS is a brand of pharmaceutical cosmetics for personal care that combines simplicity and versatility for today's dynamic lifestyle. Known for its quality, transparency and inclusivity, it is the preferred choice for those who embrace constant movement.

MYRÓS Cosmetics

Branding, Logo Design, 3D Design

Founded by Argentine Sound Designer Leonel Kostelak, is an avant-garde electronic music label aiming to showcase emerging artists and become "The most complete record label in electronic music." With over 97K views per video on YouTube, it offers a distinctive and diverse audiovisual experience, embodying a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.


Logo Design, Motion Design

We dive into everyday materials, merging them with nature to unveil a captivating spectacle, a surreal world of textures and colors waiting to be unlocked.

Furniture x Nature

3D Design, Copywriting

Captain - For the Nautical is a nautical clothing brand that aims to convey the freedom inspired by navigation.


Branding, Logo Design

Owkins, based in the Caribbean paradise of San Andrés and Providencia, Colombia, specializes in souvenirs for both local and global tourists. They're all about capturing the special memories and experiences of your vacations.

Owkins Souvenirs

Branding, Logo Redesign, Product Design

Sharpy is an Argentinean company based in Chaco, specializing in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) since 2007.


Branding, Logo Redesign

On the island of San Andrés, Colombia, B-CUDA emerged as a brand with a bold mission: to break through conventions and introduce a line of fresh, versatile, dynamic, and outgoing products to the world.


Branding, Logo Design


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