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Senior Brand Design Specialist

About the position:

Do you share our passion for design? At Zenda Studio, we deeply value individual creative processes and unique expressions. As a fully online boutique agency, we specialize in developing visual identities and branding strategies for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. We are passionate about disruptive and sophisticated design, underpinned by a solid strategy.

We are looking for a freelance senior brand designer who not only masters the entire creative process but also excels in the strategic development of branding and visual identity. We're searching for a versatile individual, eager to make a global impact from their place of inspiration.

This role is perfect for those who value autonomy and responsibility. You'll work closely with our creative director, who will set the goals for each project, from start to finish, allowing you to focus entirely on your creativity without the hassle of direct client management.

The graphic quality and originality of your portfolio are the main indicators of your ability to create unique and strategically grounded visual identities.

Your Role:

  • Craft strategic visual identities in direct (though virtual) collaboration with our creative director.

  • Manage the design process from analysis to the complete implementation of the brand. If Figma and Adobe Creative Suite are your tools of choice, you'll feel right at home.

  • Be part of a team that values both individual creativity and collective effort.

What We're Looking For:

  • Proven Experience: A portfolio full of successful branding projects.

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and project management platforms like Asana or Hive. Expertise in UI/UX design, web, and/or 3D will be considered a significant plus.

  • Linguistic Skills: Fluency in Spanish and English for effective collaboration in our global environment.

  • Creativity and Autonomy: The ability to lead projects with minimal supervision, maintaining high standards of quality and innovation.

  • A person who is fluent in Spanish and English (conversational).

Why Zenda?

  • Total Flexibility: You set your work schedule.

  • Innovation and Creativity: We value your portfolio as your main letter of introduction.

  • United Team: We maintain a real connection, beyond distance.


  • Project-based. You set the total price of your work after assessing the scope, and we negotiate for you.

  • Start Date: We continuously receive projects from various categories, so we are always looking for talents ready for future branding, logo design, and visual identity projects.

At Zenda, we're more than a team; we're a collective that values individual merit and works together towards shared success. Our work methodology prioritizes time efficiency through tracking platforms and collaborative spaces, focusing on clear objectives and avoiding micromanagement.

If you're ready to dive into projects that truly make a difference and want to leave your mark on the design world, we want to meet you.

Okay? now we want to meet you :)

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